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Online 8 Hour Delaware Behavior Modification Course

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Delaware Aggressive Driving Online
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Delaware Aggressive Driving


This Delaware Aggressive Driving course is approved by the Delaware Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV). If you have been notified by the DMV  to take a Aggressive Driving Behavior Modification/Attitudinal Driving Program, our 8 hour course is just what you are looking for.  Some of the benefits to taking the online course include:

    * 8 Hour Online Course Covering Safe Driving Practices

    * Take the course from any computer

    * Unlimited opportunities to pass the final exam

It’s never been easier to complete a DE Aggressive Driving Course.  What are you waiting for?

Delaware Aggressive Driving Course

The Online Delaware Aggressive Driving Course gives you the ability to take the class wherever and whenever you choose.  Without the need to attend a classroom,  you will have the freedom to:

The online Aggressive Driving course is separated into 8 sections.  These sections are loaded with entertaining and educational animations and videos.  This means that you will enjoy yourself while satisfying your DE-DMV requirements.

You will need to pass the final exam with 70% in order to receive credit for taking the course.  Don’t worry, you will have unlimited opportunities to retake the the exam and review the course material.

Complete this 8 Hour Aggressive Driving Course if you have been cited as an aggressive driver by the Division of Motor Vehicles and have been ordered to take an Aggressive Driving Behavior Modification/Attitudinal Driving Program.

Behavioral Modification/Attitudinal - Driving Course

Delaware Aggressive Driver Course

Aggressive Driving - Behavior Modification Course

The State of Delaware's Aggressive Driving law is intended to identify aggressive drivers and change their risky driving behavior by requiring them to take an Aggressive Driving Course. The goal of this law is accident prevention. Aggressive driving is defined in terms of traffic violations such as failure to yield, disregard of a traffic control device, unsafe lane change, following too closely, speeding, and passing on a shoulder. Individuals that are convicted of 3 or more of these traffic violations are guilty of aggressive driving and are subject to increased penalties. Offenders are required to complete a behavioral modification/attitudinal-driving course (Aggressive Driving Course) within 90 days after the conviction for aggressive driving. Failure to attend the course may result in suspension of the individuals driving privileges.

Delaware Defensive Driving

Our course is provided by I Drive Safely. This course is an online Aggressive Driving Course approved by the DE-DMV.